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Biosortia Pharmaceuticals
Biosortia has opened the door to a new frontier of fascinating natural products and potential drug candidates by overcoming the challenges of accessing novel high quality bioactive compounds from uncultuable aquatic microorganisms.

Much of Nature's "treasure trove of small molecules" remains to be explored, particularly from the marine and microbial environments. David J. Newman, Ph.D.
Chief Natural Products Branch at NCI

Our Aspiration
Biosortia Pharmaceuticals aspires to become the premier, aquatic natural products company with a primary focus in drug discovery. We will accomplish this by leveraging our proprietary, state of the art technologies, deep research skills and relationships to become a leader in drug discovery. Our libraries will include those compounds previously unobtainable from the aquatic environment that are the unique, novel and rare. We will partner with the best Pharma players to help them materially advance their drug pipelines.

Superior Value Proposition
Biosortia's harvesting and scientific research operations fulfill the need that Pharma has for licensable compounds. We have two key value propositions for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

• Our ability to provide Pharma with unprecedented volumes novel compounds (new chemistry) from an entirely different environment than they have seen before. We believe, as do many Pharma scientists, that our compounds may have high levels of potency and novel mechanisms of action making them extremely valuable to Pharma.

• Provide them with new chemistry on a routine basis that could shorten the discovery cycle by 2-3 years and reduce the overall cost.

Reports have shown that 75% of all cancer drugs today originated from natural products and with the majority of pharmaceuticals having originated from natural products (secondary metabolites), access to such unique compounds is a great priority to the Pharma industry.