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The value of our library
Biosortia Pharmaceuticals develops libraries of novel and rare natural products previously unobtainable from the aquatic environment for evaluation as potential therapeutic agents. These compounds have been shown to be active across various assays (Hits). Owing to the exceptional chemical diversity of our libraries, Biosortia is pursuing partnerships with Pharma companies and other research organizations across a range of therapeutic areas to strategically accelerate the discovery and development of novel drug candidate compounds.

The microorganisms analyzed in the Biosortia biomass have shown more unique activity then I have seen in my 30 year career. This could materially change the landscape for natural products drug discovery research. Peter Moeller Ph. D., NOAA's Research Scientist who leads the Toxins Natural Products Program

Biosortia has demonstrated an unprecedented ability to capture novel bioactive compounds from aquatic microbial consortia. These compounds represent an untapped pioneering resource of new drug leads that have not been obtainable using prior methodology. Biosortia further develops these chemically diverse compounds to create high quality libraries, providing the pharmaceutical industry with unseen (undiscovered) hits for further optimization in various therapeutic areas.

Biosortia’s innovative technologies, deep research skills and key relationships will efficiently bring thousands of novel natural product compounds to market at a time where Pharma is in critical need for “high quality shots on goal”.

Our Relationships
The selection of collaborators is a critical step in our success. We identify partners that have not only outstanding credentials in the space but also focused in the same therapy areas as we are. In addition, they need to be able to move efficiently and cost effectively with us.

These ever growing relationships will provide us with extraordinary depth of resources and expertise to efficiently and effectively drive our strategy.

We are establishing relationships with...

Biosortia is establishing relationships and extensive networks throughout the life sciences industry and academic communities. Biosortia has established solid relationships with highly esteemed partner collaborators. We continue to develop partnering relationships with researchers seeking candidate compounds for discovery of novel biological activities/mechanisms of action (MOA).

If your organization conducts biological screening assay and drug discovery than our Library may be of interest to you.


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