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Dublin, OH (June 2013) - Dublin, Ohio based Biosortia Pharmaceuticals has accepted the offer to present at the Innovation Forum in New York City on June 27th at the Yale Club. Biosortia, a premier, aquatic natural products company, is building a library of potent, active and patented compounds with a primary focus on drug discovery in cancer, neurological, infectious, and inflammatory disease therapeutics. The creation of several patented disruptive technologies has positioned Biosortia to become a major player in the $500+ billion pharmaceutical industry, a market with its weakest pipeline in a decade.

The presentation will be made by Biosortia's President and CEO, Kurt Dieck and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Guy Carter. Dieck, formerly a senior executive at Cardinal Health, was instrumental in assembling a world class team of scientists and experienced executives that leveraged early technical discoveries into position to propel company success. Dr. Carter (formally drug discovery Executive at Pfizer/Wyeth) leads an internationally renowned scientific collaboration team by providing unprecedented quantities of unique chemistry from the previously inaccessible aquatic consortia ecosystem.

"With the majority of pharmaceuticals having been generated from natural products (secondary metabolites), access to such unique compounds is a great priority to the Pharma industry. The aquatic environment contains as many as 20,000 unique microbial species in a liter of water. The aquatic environment is highly competitive and creates unique defense mechanisms to survive. These various organisms compete for survival similar to manner in which the human immune system. Until now, bio-prospecting for the novel metabolites produced by these microorganisms has been very limited to impossible. This represents a new frontier for natural products drug discovery. Biosortia has developed the technology and systems to reach these highly valuable compounds that until now, were unrecoverable in quantities necessary for drug discovery and development", says Dr. Carter.

"The CEO's of Pharma are seeking innovative approaches and collaboration models to improve their drug pipeline. They are demonstrating this interest with their check book. The desire is to increase the portion of compound licensing to their earliest stage of discovery; which is where the Biosortia model fits like a glove, says Dieck".

Investors at the National Business Innovation & Growth Capital Forum on June 27th will see up to fifteen early, later-stage and emerging growth investment opportunities. These companies, featuring new breakthrough technologies and innovative business models, have been pre-screened to address the "common sense" criteria of value, proof of concept, proprietary edge, competitive advantage and potential for success applied venture capitalists, investment partnerships and private equity funds. Several hundred early and later-stage opportunities are considered before we select the companies that present at our symposiums. This is why so many prominent investors and partners of leading venture capital and private equity firms attend our events from throughout the US and overseas. They have found our forums to be a valuable use of their time in seeking-out potentially profitable investments. The upcoming event will also offer an ideal platform for entrepreneurs to meet prospective funding sources among the 200 investment professionals who are expected to attend.

Kurt adds, "The Innovation Forum in New York City presents an opportunity to introduce Biosortia Pharmaceuticals to a broad community of investment professionals."


About Biosortia Pharmaceuticals - Biosortia Pharmaceuticals Biosortia Pharmaceuticals is is a division of Algaeventure Systems (AVS). Biosortia has a proven and unique ability to obtain unculturable aquatic microorganism consortia from the natural environment in unprecedented quantities that allows its research team to perform direct study of vast quantities of new natural products. Biosortia is actively engaging drug research and development organizations to explore the vast opportunity of unculturable microorganisms for potential therapeutic agents, and other novel compounds of value in biotechnology fields.

About New York Private Equity Forums - Known for their prestigious conferences, started in 2001, are among America's best-attended investor events - noted for a first-class venue and an ultra-high-end roster of funding sources. Our deal-focused symposiums provide a most effective venue for companies to reach a national audience of qualified potential investors. The management of presenting companies benefit from being able to get their story across to a receptive audience of investors in a very favorable upscale setting. Our forums are exclusive invitation-only events designed to assemble a select group of business visionaries, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, investment professionals and money managers. In addition to presenting "one-of-a-kind" private investment opportunities, our events are designed to be an ideal setting for new business development, exchange of ideas, creation of deal flow, location of capital sources and top-tier networking. For more information about the June 27th National Business Innovation & Growth Capital Forum, please visit http://events.starlightcapital.com or e-mail Bryan Emerson at emersonb@starlightcapital.com.

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