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Biosortia CEO Invited To Present At Life Science Nation's RESI San Francisco

Dublin, OH (January 11, 2016) - Biosortia Pharmaceuticals, a leader in discovering and co-developing potent novel bio-active compounds with a primary focus on drug discovery for cancer, infectious disease, and anti-inflammatory therapeutics, has announced today that interim CEO, Ross O. Youngs will be presenting at Life Science Nation's RESI San Francisco.

Life Science Nation's distinguished investor and networking conference focuses on Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) within the life science industry. RESI's regional conferences bring together the life science industries most enterprising and pioneering biotech companies and major.

Interim CEO, Ross Youngs looks forward to presenting Tales from the Road alongside a distinguished panel. "Biosortia has successfully demonstrated access to novel potent chemistry, Biosortia is now positioned to advance its growing portfolio of candidate compounds, we are grateful to share the progress we are making in battling cancer," said interim CEO Ross Youngs.

Ross continued "Biosortia's drug discovery and development team has unlocked the door to a new frontier to access new and highly potent natural product chemistry from aquatic microbial consortia. RESI San Francisco fosters an environment that provides awareness and facilitates innovation. We are grateful to be invited to present."

Biosortia has a proven natural products drug discovery engine focused on identifying therapies in cancer, infectious disease and anti-inflammatory therapeutics. Biosortia's source of new chemistry is the microbial consortia from the micro-algal environment that is known for its rich chemical diversity and biological activity. Biosortia is the first company to access the microorganisms in the aquatic environment at scale. Biosortia's science team is comprised of leading experts in natural product drug discovery and aquatic micro-organism environments. To date Biosortia has research agreements with 3 top pharma companies.

Life Science Nation's RESI San Francisco will be held January 12, 2016 at Marine's Memorial Club & Hotel.

Biosortia Pharmaceuticals is a DBA of Algaeventure Systems, Inc. (SEC records Link) with offices in Dublin's DEC, a technology center in Columbus (Paragon Dr.) and laboratories in Charleston, SC.

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