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Biosortia’s leadership team is equipped with the research and business experience necessary to accelerate its objective in becoming the premier, aquatic natural products company with a primary focus in drug discovery. Biosortia has attracted a strong management team as well as experienced and diverse advisors to lead Biosortia’s success.

Ross O. Youngs, Founder and Interim CEO - Mr. Youngs has over 30 years of inventing products, technologies and processes for a variety of industries. Mr. Youngs holds over 75 patents worldwide and is driven to innovate by a focus on better, faster and less expensive. Recent major innovations have included an R&D 100 Award for collaboration on biopolymer technologies. In 2009, the Company was awarded a $6 million ARPA-E (U.S. Dept. of Energy R&D) grant for its algal harvesting technology which helped lead to the development of Biosortia’s drug discovery platform. In 1998, Mr. Youngs was awarded the Ernst & Young Ohio Entrepreneur of the Year award and the U.S. Small Business Administration honored Mr. Youngs as their national “Business Person of the Year” in a presentation made by Vice President Al Gore.

Guy T. Carter, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer – Dr. Carter has over 30 years of experience working in Pharmaceutical R&D, primarily in the discovery and development of microbial products. In the course of his career in the pharmaceutical industry he worked as a natural products discovery scientist and advanced through levels of scientific management to the overall leadership of the Natural Products Discovery function at Wyeth Research (later acquired by Pfizer), as well as directing other elements of the Chemical Tech- nologies Department. Guy received a doctorate in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and then pursued marine natural products research on an NIH-sponsored post-doctoral fellowship with Kenneth Rinehart at the University of Illinois.

Haiyin He, Ph.D., VP of Research – Dr. He has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D, specializing in discovery of drug leads from natural products and their semi-synthetic analogs in oncology, infectious disease, and other therapeutic areas. Haiyin worked as a principal scientist III and group leader at Wyeth Research and after the merger between Pfizer and Wyeth, he continued on to work at Pfizer World Wide Medicinal Chemistry as an associate research fellow in the area of antibody-drug conjugates for cancer chemotherapy. Haiyin received a doctorate in marine natural products at Scripps Institution of Oceanography with John Faulkner, and then acquired a postdoctoral experience at Chemistry Department, Cornell University with Jon Clardy.


David R. Coho, Vice President of Operations & Finance - David has over 20 years of innovation, technology development and commercialization experience across a range of industries, primarily focused in technology and life sciences. Leading operations and finance teams with added responsibilities as company Secretary and Treasurer. David contributes to the strategic direction and executive leadership of Biosortia. In 2009, David was instrumental in Algaeventure Systems awarding and execution of a $6 million U.S. Dept. of Energy grant from its esteemed ARPA-E program. David received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Miami University.

Chad Hummell, Sr. Business Development, Launch and Project Manager - Chad has been with Biosortia since its founding in May 2012. During that time he has demonstrated success developing strategy, developing new B2B and academic partnerships and collaborations, winning $8.2 million + grants and projects, and helping to create and commercialize product and technology innovations. Before Biosortia, Chad helped lead product launches with Ross Youngs and his Univenture Companies; helping to launch UniKeep’s Enviro products, Algaeventure System’s SLS technology, Biobent etc. Prior to joining Ross Youngs, Chad was a Director in Government/Non-Profit capacities helping businesses get introduced and prepared for selling their products and services to the government at EMTEC/PTAC in Dayton, OH. Chad began his career in management, sales and company building inside the machining, printing and agriculture industries for the Harrah and Reynolds companies in Huntington, WV.

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